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Lynn Sapp
Your website moved me deeply.
Losing Grace in such a senseless cruel way was a terrible thing, and I am so sorry for what you both went through. Your current fight to protect others from such a horrific event is worthwhile and admirable.
Power to you.
And I am so glad you now have Komi as a companion to lighten your heart.
13 February 2005 - Nova Scotia

Hatty Ingle
What happened to Grace was terrible, why do people chose to make a living out of killing innocent animals? I hope that some day these inhumane traps which work by enticing animals to their deaths will be outlawed.

carrie freedman
Last winter my dog, Bruni and another dog, George, were caught in a death trap in Val Morin. The 2 dogs were missing for over a week. Bruni was found limping on the road back to our house; the trap had caught on her foot and she somehow managed to escape.
George had gotten the trap in his mouth. He was alive when they found him but died later that day.

Frank Pridham
Dont give up on your persuit. This is a very important issue to all of us dog lovers,people with kids, and animal lovers in general. We need to know where those traps are that may maim or kill our loved ones....It is a very important issue...If it happen

dr.Jorgen van Zsidy
When I see things like this happening I realise that it is no hope for Man. He deserves all what is coming to him. As Guandhi said,we can judge a nation by its behavor toward animals. Draw your own conclusions.

Huguette Rainforth
Hi Alana What a beautiful site you have created for Grace. She was a very lucky girl to have you share her life. My heart is with you Much love Huguette

Claudel Berube
I think that trapping near public area ( a ring of 1 kilometer )should be band alltogeter,and at least there should be a sing warning people.What if it was to a child that this would have happen.

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