Grace's Legacy


Alana Hoffer
St-Adolphe-d’Howard, QC J0T 2B0

Mayor Marc Vadeboncoeur
c/o Jean Beaulieu, directeur-général
Ville de Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard,
1881, chemin du Village
Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, QC J0T 2B0

January 27, 2005

Re: Threat to Public Safety: Animal Trapping near Public Paths and Walkways

Mr. Vadeboncoeur

I am aware of your concern for the safety and security of the citizens of our municipality, and am therefore convinced that you will be as interested and committed as I am to taking the steps necessary to correct a circumstance that currently puts both of these at risk.

Murderous animal traps of the Conibear type (designed to kill rapidly) are presently in use within our municipality (and legally), in areas that are designed for use by hikers, families, young children, and pets. I discovered this on November 12, 2002, when my dog died in a Conibear trap set mere yards from our Aerobic Corridor. Working with provincial game wardens, police, other government representatives, and the news media, I have learned that a trapper with a permit may place traps anywhere.

I quickly learned that there is no will or desire on the provincial level to ensure our safety in this regard. Therefore, it seems prudent to me that we act on our own behalf to protect ourselves from this extreme risk by presenting before the municipal council a motion for a resolution to restrict or ban the installation and use of Conibear and leg-hold traps (already theoretically banned, but in fact still in use) in those areas of our municipality that a reasonable person could expect to be free of deliberate and malicious hazards. In particular, we need to protect those areas that are designed for leisurely enjoyment by people and pets (for example, the Aerobic Corridor, in proximity of dwellings, parking, shopping, and recreational facilities of any type). I propose that such regulation(s) specify a safe distance from areas defined as likely and reasonably to be frequented by people and pets.

I do not propose to hamper the ability of a trapper to earn a living, merely to ensure that, in so doing, our lives are not put at risk. I therefore request that this motion be presented before Council at its earliest convenience. I would also greatly appreciate a phone call to inform me of the date and time of the meeting where this motion will be presented to Council.

If you or your councilors would like additional information about specific incidents here and elsewhere (for example, a serious injury from a ligature trap in Morin Heights, and multiple deaths throughout North America), some of it is available at I am willing to donate my time and effort to sharing the information that I have gathered.

Respectfully Yours,
Alana Hoffer

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