Grace's Legacy


As I've been sitting here getting riled up about the recent trapping stuff and compiling emails, I heard someone drive into the land across from me, I thought it was someone dumping garbage and went to investigate, it was a trapper. He works for the municipality and apparently has been regularly coming here to check every couple of weeks that there are still no beavers, ever since last September because of the flooding (it was me who called the city in September).

He told me that all he did last September, was destroy the dam, and that he did not kill them. We had a fine talk, and he explained many things - I've had his phone number all this time, but was not yet ready to call for an interview - he explained things that made it clear that there are many irresponsible trappers who are giving it all a bad reputation - he gave me some contacts at the trappers association, to which he is proud to belong. He told me that he only places his traps in water, or high up in trees, he showed me his traps, all new looking, oiled, and not rusty looking like the one that got Grace. He has seen, because of his work, that the conibear is the most humane method to take the life of an animal, that with proper trapping practices they cause the least suffering, and yes, if the trap that killed Grace had been a beaver trap, it would have been much larger (at the time the vet was so sure of himself, telling me with a firm knowingness that it was a 'beaver trap'), and she would have died instantly.

I have read and heard of different ways to control beaver problems, such as putting metal netting around trees, or destroying their homes and dams. However, it is not everyone who will physically break a dam, and even if they do, the beavers will just go somewhere else, and someone else will call a trapper. The area where the peninsula is, there are just too many trees to put netting around. Much as I hate to feel like I just swallowed the common sense of the trapper, hook line and sinker, while he told me the ways of the beaver, I could tell that this man really does have respect for the animals that he kills.

So yes, there was a negligent trapper on the corridor. And, yes, beavers would over-run the land if there were no trappers, because last year the peninsula that used to be there, was under water, which is why I called the city about their flooded land. As I've born witness to both sides, we must co-exist with trappers, we can amend the laws, (and get rid of the bad guys - maybe even with the help of the trappers association) and have new measures installed to see that the trapping laws are actually followed, with me at the steering wheel, to see that they are.

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Stop the Use of Inhumane Traps, and The Story of Russell