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This page is for suggestions and proposals of positive action that may be implemented to reduce the incidence of accidental injury and death to people, pets, and other unintended victims of killing traps of any type.

On the Legal Opinions and Actions page are suggestions from legal counsel and transcript of actions and proposals in law (proposed changes to laws and regulations).

If you have a suggestion or know of an action-in-progress, please use the private comment form to send it.

Some suggestions from a concerned friend (Frank), who is closely watching my process of rage and sadness be diverted into the web site: once I know where this is going, I will be following up on them.

Just a thought, but it might be a good idea to canvass the local vets, to get some idea of the frequency of such an incident... I imagine, as pet lovers, and care-givers, that they would be in the know...

Where did you take Grace? To the vet. and so would any concerned pet owner... They would probably be the ones to give you information about the traps, and how frequently this type of incident occurs... It is worth following up with each vet listed in the book... You may find another horror story, and be able to contact the people involved... to get some real support for what you are trying to do.

All the stories should be told. These are the guys who see the real damage, and have to cut the traps off, and deal with the emotional trauma of the owners. put the dog down, and then charge for it all...? They can't forget that type of incident and may be your best ally in any endeavor to change the system... God speed, good luck, and keep in touch.

We have a page on our web site called, Ask the Vet... any inquiries go to the vet directly, and she answers 4 times a year in her column. How about sending her your story and asking about the frequency of this type of event... Has she ever had such a case?... and let's see what her response is... Jackie Marcil... Our site is for dog lovers, and not just for Wolf hounds... Any Issue that involves dogs is appropriate. Do it!

I am in the process of trying to prevent a shooting, reoccurrence of what happened to Piggy in Hungary, by getting coats made for the dogs to wear during hunting season... and you are trying to protect life too, by abolishing so-called humane traps that kill... and don't work, and trying to prevent kids from ending up with the same fate as Grace. Let's not let these incidences go in vain...they happened for a reason, and that lesson has to be learned... We have the Web at our disposal, dog contacts, kennel clubs, National, and International.....we do have contacts..let's use them...Use our site...Get the message out.

What do you think about setting up a fund, donations to have posters made, and we put them up ourselves... pending further legislative changes... and the game warden you said was sympathetic, if approached right, must have a list of trappers somewhere, as they apply for permits... names, addresses & telephone numbers... then we could call them, explain what happened, distribute posters to them, and get them to do the job... I'm sure when the kill a dog or pet they feel some kind of remorse, and may be willing to help in this way... after all it is not taking away from their lively hood, and may in someway, help to prevent just such an event from happening again... Think about it... if it is set up now, it will be effective immediately... and you will have some concrete plan of immediate action to talk about when you do your interviews. You will probably have to check first to see if there is any law against posting a warning on a tree on someone else's property without the owner's permission. What do you think about this plan?

Email from Frank to a web site that provides hunting equipment:
I got your address off a guest book on the conibear trap... I am looking for information on how to remove such a trap from the neck and head of a pet... My friend just went through a grueling episode, both emotional, and infuriating... these things have to be cut off by a vet, unless you know the technique... and our pets and children are at risk of being caught in one... please if you know of a site that shows us how to open one, and release our pets and/or children... please let me know... many thanks... I have 9 Irish Wolfhounds, on 250 acres of private property... but as witnessed by a friend who lost her dog this week to one of these traps... and no way to release it!! The dog flailed and struggled for over 1 1/2 hours before she died in agony in front of her eyes... these are not instant and humane by any stretch of the imagination... What would you do if your kid was caught in one???? We need to know how to open them....Why isn't it mandatory for trappers who set these devastating devices to have to post warning posters for the public... on trees near the traps... the animals can't read... but we would surely vacate the place in a hurry, with pets and children in tow... These things are as bad if not worse than Land Mines... used by the military to kill people. Frank ........, Montreal, Cda...

Yes I checked that link out on the site for Spring Farms Cares... but it was a broken link and doesn't come up... and can't find any other links that show you how to open the trap... if it ever happens to me, I would at least like to get the thing off the dogs neck... I presume depressing the spring... on the how to set it info, which was on the site I sent you...would be the way to go... However, I thought by writing the site who sells them, I might impress upon them the dangers... to pets. By the way, I have had no response from either of those mails...We will see.

I do agree with your lawyer friend that nothing will be done at the legislative level, without a great deal of frustration and expense... that it can only be done by going through the manufacturer of the traps themselves... or what I suggested, was to get a list of the trappers... from the Warden, or wherever they have to apply for their licenses to trap... and approach them directly and individually to put up posters... supply them with the posters, even a staple gun if we have to... but get on with the job... any legislative attempt will only take time, cost oodles of money and go nowhere fast.

I think we can appeal direct to their Spirit side, and I'm sure most trappers have dogs... as pals. They must feel awful when they catch one in a trap... It would be a volunteer effort from the point that they would be doing a preventative measure, taking any legal liability off of their shoulders by putting up the posters, and would also get the job done... and the final threat could be that if they are not willing to do this on their own recognizance, then we would have no alternative but to force a law on them...only a matter of time... do it now willingly, or wait for legislation which may even ban the trap or take their livelihood away from them.Once the media is involved, and it becomes an issue, you are not just going for posters...if you have to spend the money...!! What do you think about this idea?

What department of the government is responsible for the licensing of Trappers?... and whose jurisdiction does it fall under?... Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries? Parks? Is it provincial, or federal? municipal? Where would you apply for a license locally? Where can we write to about this issue? When a trapper places a trap and baits it, he should also poster it for humans. I don't know if I'm going to step in it on my midnight ramblings unless I see a warning. He alone knows where he put it, and he alone is responsible for what it catches. And if there is no warning, I must assume he was after me too, or—which is even worse—he couldn't give a damn about me or my dog. Then he deserves the same treatment.

I really think the most effective and less expensive approach is to get a list of the trappers, and see them all individually to drive home the logic. They are not obviously all living in the wilderness. If we can't get a list from the wardens, then maybe we can get a list from the fur industry. My experience with the establishment has been very disillusioning from being robbed three times. Forget the fact that they may be doing something about it. They aren't! What ever is going to change, you have to do yourself. Dog lovers, and concerned people could be canvassed for donations on one side to pay for the posters and staple guns, and the effort to deliver and talk to the trappers could be done on the other. Do you see this working at all, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

How can you get the Trappers on your side? We need their support to do the right thing... to poster their traps... to let us know where they are... to warn us of their actions that may maim us, our kids, or our pets. They are entitled to a living (questionable as it might be) but of their choice. How can they make it safer for others who are unaware of their actions? Placing a trap is a clandestine effort—they want it hidden, so the prey is not aware of it, and putting a poster on a tree may go against their grain. They may think that if they have caught nothing in the trap, that the reason is the poster. Can animals really read? They certainly can see and that may be enough for the trapper, to turn him off of the idea. Perhaps they need to be canvassed on the design of the poster that they might think most effective, and not turn the prey away, yet visible enough to be a warning to people. Just a thought.

PS: If you can get only one respected trapper to be sympathetic to the cause, the others will fall in line, and success is imminent.

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