Grace's Legacy


Cover letter is followed by the petitition that was signed by approximately 650 concerned local residents.

The Honourable Sam Hamad
Quebec Minister of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Parks
Quebec National Assembly

Dear Mr. Hamad,

Last November I watched helplessly as my dog died in a Killing Conibear trap, while I was taking a walk on the Aerobic Corridor. The trap was set approximately 20 yards from the path. I had conversations and meetings with Game Wardens, the MRC, the SQ, and no one was accountable. According to the Law (Bill 147), if a trapper has a permit, they can place traps wherever they please. These are antiquated laws that have never been re-examined in light of present day needs. They endanger anyone who lives in or visits the country side and who chooses to partake of the recreational areas available to us all. Surely something can be done to accommodate not only the needs of the trappers but to assure the safety of the public!

In April, Main Street, the Laurentians' English language newspaper, published the first of a series of three articles on the death of my dog, the issue of Conibear Traps and Bill 147. They were passionately researched and written by Neil Zach, the paper's editor-in-chief, who passed away suddenly in June, before being able to complete the series. I have attached copies of all the articles along with sidebar stories. The paper has helped coordinate the presentation of this petition to our local MNA Mr. David Whissell for forwarding to you.

This petition was started by Charity Clark of Montfort who found a Conibear trap. Luckily she found it before one of her children did. It was then followed through by Sarah Breger, a student at Laurentian Regional High School in Lachute and has since snowballed all over the area.

The three of us will be personally presenting this petition to Mr. Whissell on September 29 along with the editor and publisher of Main Street, Jack Burger.

We would really appreciate your attention to this matter and await your reply,

Thanking you in advance for your quick action in this dossier.

Yours truly.

The Petition

Arrêter la cruauté

Au Canada, le piège à pied (et le Conibear) est complètement légale et ceux qui ont un permis peuvent les placer n'importe ou qu'ils veulent, près de nos lacs, nos rivières et nos sentiers de randonnés publics. De nouveaux reglements doivent être mise en place pour assurer la securité de nos enfants et de nos animaux domestiques.

Stop the Cruelty

In Canada, leghold death traps (and Conibear traps) are completely legal, and those who have a permit are allowed to place them anywhere they want, by lakes, near rivers, on public hiking and biking trails. New regulations must be put in place to ensure the safety of our children and pets.

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Stop the Use of Inhumane Traps, and The Story of Russell