Grace's Legacy


Spring of 2005

Email to the elected representative for my area, David Whissell.

Dear Mr. Whissell,

I sent the following letter to my mayor, spurred on by what started as two incidents of companion animals being killed by traps in public areas, one in Long Island, and one in BC, just this past winter; but while I waited for an answer from him, six more incidents happened in Nova Scotia.  I found out about these incidents because people found the Web site I put up about what happened to Grace ( I have a document with all the emails, letters sent to officials, and newspaper coverage, that I have compiled from all this correspondence with Nova Scotia.

Just after I sent the follow-up email to Mayor Vadeboncoeur, I received two emails, after a long silence, from Nova Scotia.

There are 4 emails to follow, that document this recent turn of events.  I think what has taken place there is a great achievement and I have hopes to easily attain these same amendments to our wildlife laws, for the purpose of public safety, by making people aware that the practice of taking wildlife by trapping is still in place, not only in wild habitat, but also in public areas.

I would also like to know where our petition is, and to have it retrieved from wherever it is.

I thank you in advance for reconsidering this old issue, and would appreciate any help, guidance, and support in this matter so that the proper officials take the steps to have the trapping laws, if they must exist, to also be much more accountable, for public safety.

Yours truly, Alana Hoffer

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Stop the Use of Inhumane Traps, and The Story of Russell