Grace's Legacy

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Septembre / September 2003

À qui de droit :

Madame Alana Hoffer a visité notre bureau pour obtenir des renseignements d’ordre juridique.

En apprenant au sujet de ses difficultés ainsi que les circonstances malheureuses concernant la mort de son animal domestique bien-aimé, la destruction de la preuve et les difficultés qu’elle a éprouvées en essayant d’obtenir des renseignements et des résultats satisfaisants, nous lui avons suggéré de contacter les instances juridiques appropriées, dans le but de résoudre le problème et d’aider d’autres citoyens afin qu’un accident semblable et une telle douleur ne se reproduisent plus.

Merci beaucoup de votre attention.

Si notre bureau peut vous aider, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.


To Whom it May Concern:

Ms. Alana Hoffer visited our office for legal advice.

Upon learning of her difficulty and the unfortunate circumstances of her beloved pet’s untimely death, the destruction of evidence, and her inability to arrive at satisfactory information and results, we suggested that she use appropriate legal channels to resolve the issue and assist other citizens so that a similar accident and pain would not reoccur.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

If our office may be of assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Ted Wright.

Marc Bellemare

Ministère :

Ministère de la Justice
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Jacques Chagnon

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David Whissell

Hôtel du Parlement
1045, rue des Parlementaires
RC, Bureau RC. 35
Québec (Québec), G1A1A4
Téléphone : (418) 528-1960 / Télécopieur : (418) 641-2652

Bureau de comté :

512, rue Principale
Lachute (Québec), J8H 1Y3
Téléphone : (450) 562-0785 / Télécopieur : (450) 562-0650

  1. Subject:
    1. Negligent death of my domestic pet Grace (6 and a half year old dog (P1,P2,P3,P4).
    2. Police destruction of relevant evidence (P5)
    3. Past and future public posting of appropriate warning signs (P6,P7,P8)
    4. Dangerous placement of animal bait/lures on private (P19) land in close proximity to provincial park (P7,P17,P20)
    5. Non-accountability (P18) of various government agencies for the above negligence

  2. On or about November 12, 2002 in Park regional des Pays-d'en-Haut, la portion du parc lineaire "le Petit Train du Nord". la portion du "Corridor aerobique", my domestic pet Grace, a family member for 6 years, was killed by a hunter's trap. This negligent death occurred approximately 15-20 yards from the Aerobic Corridor (unofficial police estimate).

  3. Where negligent death occurred (P9)
    5 kilometers west, on route 364, from Morin Heights. Make the first and only left turn, and drive 1/2 kilometer. Park at the side of the small bridge, walk 20 feet up the inclined path, turn right and walk along the trail for 9/10¹s of a kilometer (as measured on Constable Phillip Zemaitis¹s (see below) police vehicle odometer.

  4. We had been visiting this Aerobic Corridor since the summer of 1996. In the specific area that we habitually visited there were no signs concerning pets and their access to the Corridor (P6). Warning signs were only added after Grace (my domestic pet) was killed through negligence (P7).

  5. No signs were posted then, or are presently posted, regarding any dangers posed by trappers/hunters and their use of public and/or private land (P6,P7,P8).

  6. No signs were posted advising of the personal legal rights of trappers/hunters to place lethal (P16) and deadly traps/lures close to or on public and/or private land (P6,P7,P8).

  7. Many of these antiquated laws no longer serve their original purpose (P16,P17), and have never been re-examined in light of present-day needs.

  8. The above legal negligence directly caused the death of a beloved family pet, Grace. The lack of appropriate legal warning also caused very difficult familial emotional distress.

  9. When a file was opened (373-021116-006) with the Surete du Quebec, Game Warden Pierre Thivierge was unable to examine the evidence (P13,P14,P15) because the police had destroyed it prior to the beginning of his inquiry with me, Alana Hoffer, on the 27th of December 2002. The date for this meeting had been the 27th of December, 2002 at the site of the bait box (P10,P11,P12 P13,P14,P15). The date for this meeting had been set between Game Warden Thivierge and myself, approximately two weeks prior, at the request of Game Warden Claude Bourque).

  10. I only discovered that the evidence had been destroyed by the Surete du Quebec, on or about three weeks after my meeting with him (Pierre Thivierge) on Dec 27th, 2002. He (Thivierge) had said he would call me soon with a report of his investigations. When I didn¹t hear from him, I called him approximately three weeks later, on or about January 20th, 2003. He was absent, but I spoke with Claude Bourque.. Bourque told me that the trap had already been destroyed by the time Pierre Thivierge had gone to investigate (prior to the 27th of December, 2002). Bourque agreed with me, that the destruction of the trap(evidence) was not the usual course of action.

  11. It also caused me some concern that Game Warden Pierre Thivierge (although sympathetic) had not called to inform me that his investigation had been summarily terminated by the curious police action of premature destruction of evidence.

  12. I request the following:
    1. An answer to and copies of all reports concerning the destruction of the evidence, plus everything related to this dossier.
    2. That the appropriate government agency place extensive and adequate legal signage for the protection of citizens (P6,P7,P8,P10,P11).
    3. Any and all traps/lures etc be by legal obligation placed at a much greater distance from public areas.

    4. Hunters/trappers be legally obliged to inform private and public land owners of locations of traps and bait boxes.
    5. Hunter/trappers be legally obliged to remove any and all bait boxes and trap in the immediate area of ³Corridor Aerobique².
    6. A commitment by the Minister of Justice and other involved ministries and jurisdictions to ensure this will not ever happen to others.
    7. That the government set up a formal method of responsibility and liability in this and other related areas.
    8. That the government set up a legal dog run in honour of domestic family pets

I trust that my letter will clearly show both my concern for the safety of domestic animals and give concrete methods to insure future safety and to assist others in the positive enjoyment of the Aerobic Corridor

I remain,


Alana Hoffer
Alana Hoffer c/o Ted Wright
5 Sept 2003 – 29 Sept 2003.

NB - October 25 is the date that trappers are permitted to place traps. This date is quickly approaching, the bait box has not been removed because according to law, there is nothing illegal about this bait box. The fact that it remains in place gives the trapper permission to reactivate it. I would not want this to happen to others. Your prompt attention is much appreciated.

P1 Newspaper Article, La Vallee, November 2002
P2 Newspaper Article, Main Street, April, 2003, The Time of Constant Sorrow
P3 Newspaper Article, Main Street, May, 2003, The Royal Privilege
P4 Newspaper Article, Main Street, June, 2003, Harvest of Blood
P5 Bourque phone conversation on approximately Jan.20, 2003 – (450) 569-3113,P 235
P6 Photo taken on December 6,2002 at the parking of Corridor showing sign with no mention of animal prohibition
P7 Photo taken on December 27, 2002 of new signs showing animals now forbidden
P8 Photo taken Aug 6, 2003, showing nothing about animals
P9 Map of Corridor and showing where death occurred.
P10 Photo of view of trap closest point on corridor
P11 Photo showing placement of vehicle to park on corridor
P12 Photo view of trap to show distance - seen from corridor
P13 Photo closer view of bait box TRAP EVIDENCE DESTROYED!
P14 Photo view of bait box TRAP EVIDENCE DESTROYED!
P15 Photo interior view at one foot . TRAP EVIDENCE DESTROYED!
P16 Trappers ethics - short version
P17 Trappers ethics - long version
P18 Letter from M Hénault – Biologist. (819) 623-1981, Poste 223.
P19 Land Ownership where trap/baitbox was found. (See below)
P20 MRC Rules - Reglement No 93-99 concernant la Circulation, La Propreté, La Securité
P21 Web site – ( and / or (
P22 Petition Sample.
P23 Letter Of Introduction.
P24 Letters (4) from public to newspaper - Main Street -


MRC/Yvon Genest : (450) 0r (819) 229-6637.

Michel Hénault - Soc. faune et parcs du Qc, 435, rue Panet, Mont Laurier, J9L-2Z9(819) 623-1981, Poste 223.

Claude Bourque : Soc, faune et parcs du Qc. (450) 569-3113, Poste 235.

Pierre Thivierge : Soc. Faune et parcs du Qc. (450) 569-3113, Poste 234.

Véterinaire: Dr. Pelletier, St-Sauveur, Qc.

Police : Sgt. Philip Zemaitis, (450) 227-6848.

Landowner : 162886 Canada Inc. a/s Price Financial Services Inc. 1170 St-Mathieu Montréal, Qc., H3H 2H5.

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